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Costa Rica














New Zealand



South Africa





United Kingdom


Note: We do not list facilities, organizations, or groups whom we are aware discriminate against men or women on the basis of race, religion, origin, or gender.
Emergency and Disaster Information Service — Provides real-time information about international and national disasters.

If you know of a site or place where men and women can seek help that isn't listed here we would very much like to here from you in order to add it to our list. Your help will help other men and women.




Fundacion Familias Siglo XXI — Familias Ensambladas — Divorcio — Hijos de padres separados




Australian False Memory Association
Australian Paternity Fraud — Handling Liam Magill case and also offer paternity testing.

P.O.Box 685 Deepdene 3103

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Basic Fraud — May also be of interest to Canadians and New Zealanders
CSAclients — A Yahoo! group dealing with the problems of CSA, aka the Collection and Suicide Agency.
Child Wise — Working to prevent and reduce the sexual abuse and exploitation of children in Australia and overseas.
Dads — Victims Of Domestic Violence

Crisis accommodations — Provides short term (up to 21 days) accommodations as well as information and referral services for men and their children who are in a marriage or relationship breakdown situation. For details:

Phone: (02) 6241 0433

6255 0970 (After Hours) or 6258 4216 (After Hours).

Model of domestic violence against men (1999)

Dads In Distress — Funded by the Australian federal government.
Dads On The Air — Voluntary group attempting to help men considering suicide. Radio program airs Monday 9AM till noon on Sydney's 2GLF — 89.3 FM. Press releases, public notices and other material for broadcast can be sent to
Disenfranchised by Kidnap — A special interest group for parents who have had their children stolen in interstate or international kidnap.
DNA Qld — Paternity and DNA testing in Queensland.
DNA Solutions — Paternity testing.
Domestic violence: Violent femmes — Australia. Primarily story of how Peter Olzewski was battered but gives details on how domestic violence is handled in Australia. Also, many references to men's organizations in Australia.
Family Briefing — Documentaries and investigative reports of social significance, with a focus on projects pertaining to family matters.

Children of the State — Documenting the horrific abuses of child “protection” services and the legalized kidnapping and adoption rings these government-funded monsters run throughout the world.

FamilyRules — Family law forum (A Yahoo! group)
Fathers For Family Equity
George Christensen — MP from Dawson

The feminist trojan horse in Family Law

Joint Parenting Association

Box 7115

West Lakes

South Australia 5021


Joint Parenting Forum — A Yahoo! group.
Lea Anna Cooper's East of Eden

Days of Tempest — The true story of Liam Magill and his 8-year battle against paternity fraud in Australian courts.

Lone Fathers Association — an educational and welfare organization devoted to the interests of lone fathers, their friends, relatives, grandparents, extended family, careers and children.

PO Box 492


Male Victims — A Yahoo! group dealing with male victims of domestic violence.
Memucan Institute Of Men's Studies (MIOMS) — Men championing patriarchy.
MENDS — Separated men need not lose their shirt, their kids...or their life.
Men's Accommodation and Crisis Service (MAACS) — Based in Canberra, provides short term crisis accommodation (up to 21 days) as well as information and referral services for men and their children who are in a marriage or relationship breakdown situation.

Telephone: (02) 6241 0433 or after hours: 6255 0970 or 6258 4216

Men's Confraternity W.A. — To serve men, the family, and the community.

PO Box 422

Victoria Park


(+61) 08 9470 1734

Men's issues — Victoria, Australia
Mensline — A 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week hotline for men in trouble. Gets far more calls than they can handle at present.

Hotline: 1300 78 99 78

Men's Line Australia

PO Box 33

North Melbourne, Victoria 3051

Telephone: (03) 9326 8522

Facsimile: (03) 9329 8826


Men's Media Network
Men's Rights Agency — Australia. MRA has created a national network of dedicated professionals - solicitors, barristers, counsellors, psychologists, accountants, financial advisers and other consultants, who have a special understanding of the issues from a man' s/father's point of view.

P.O. Box 28, Waterford,

Oueensland 4133 Australia

Telephone: 07 3805 5611

Facsimile: 07 3200 8769


Menucan Institute of Men's Studies — Exists to promote the virtues of traditional roles for men and women, and to demonstrate their value to society.
Murringu Men's Centre — Provides free information, referral and peer support, particularly for men in crisis.

PO Box 417

Richmond, Victoria, Australia, 3121

Telephone: (03) 9428 2899 12 noon to 9 PM, Monday through Friday

STD Freecall 1800 065 973


Non-Custodial Parents Party — A political party attempting to change family law and the child support system.
Nuance — International journal of family policy and related issues.
OzyDADS — Centered in Freemantle. (We were deeply saddened to learn that Lionel Richards died of a heart attack on August 6, 2005. His indomitable spirit and courage will be sorely missed.)
PAS 2nd Wives Club
Paternity Fraud (dnaB4Upay) — Paternity testing may just save you up to 18 years of child support payments.
Paternity Fraud Australia — Covers Liam Magill's case.
Self-Represented Fathers
Status of Fathers
Stop Parental Alienation Syndrome
Sydney Men's Phone Line — Has a broad contact list for men's organizations and services in Sydney.

Telephone: (02) 9979 9909




Intelek International




J'aime papa et maman — Created by children suffering because of divorced parents.
Justice in Belgium




SOS Papai e Mamãe




Adam Jones
Balance Beam — A men and family support group of Huron County, Ontario. A grassroots organization committed to peaceful resolution of family conflict.
British Columbia Institute Against Family Violence

409 Granville Street, Suite 551

Vancouver, BC V6C 1T2

Telephone: (604) 669-7055 or toll free (Canada): 1-877-755-7055

Fax: (604) 669-7054


British Columbia Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse — A non-profit society, established to provide therapeutic services for males who have been sexually abused at some time in their lives.
Calgary Workshop on Family Conflict — September 26, 1998.
Canadian Grandparent's Rights Association — Alberta Branch. A support group that offers guidance to grandparents and families who are denied access to grandchildren in cases of family separation. Objective is to lobby the federal government to pass legislation that would safeguard the rights of grandparents.

P.O. Box 64128 5512-4 Street N.W.

Calgary, Alberta T2K 6J1

Phone: (403) 284-3887

Canada Court Watch Program — Protecting the public's interest in the administration of justice.

Video files

Canadian Men's Stories of Abuse
CanGrands — For all grandparents and kinship families who are raising grandchildren or extended family members. Aim is to support families to maintain or reestablish ties.
Centre for Inquiry — Ontario
Dads Are People 2

530 Laurier Ave West

Ottawa, Ontario K1R 7T1


Divorce For Men

Carey Linde, Esq.

605 - 1080 Howe Street

Vancouver. Canada V6Z 2T1

Telephone: (604) 684 7794

Facsimile: (604) 682 1243


Divorce The Smart Way — Cut costs, ease stress, save time, and safeguard the children.

Telephone: (877) 932-8389 toll free

Domestic violence police statistics by province

British Columbia

D'un Groupe de Pères Séparés/Divorcés Voulant l'équité Familiale sur des Questions de Garde d'Enfant
Equalism Acitivism — In defense of reason, science, secularism, atheism, men, and other so-called privileged groups.
Equal Parenting Group Society — Committed to fostering positive and healthy relationships between fathers and their children.

North Vancouver, British Columbia

Telephone: (604) 988-4248

Equitable Child Maintenance and Access Society — An Alberta, Canada, non-profit organization focused on the healthy development and well being of children of separated and divorced families.
Everyman — A bi-monthly journal of men's issues and interests.

PO Box 4617, Station E

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 5H8

Telephone: (613) 832-2284

Facsimile: (613) 832-9082


Ex-Fathers — The separation of fathers and children is the worst human rights abuse in modern Canadian history.

Suite166; 266 Charlotte Street

Peterborough, Ontario K9J 2V4


Fairway Divorce Solutions — Save your assets, don't destroy them in a divorce.
Family Violence in Canada: A Statistical Profile for the Year 2000 — For the first time this survey asks both men and women the same questions and, surprise, finds the rates of violence are roughly equal.
Fathers Are Capable Too (F.A.C.T.) — Supporting a child's right to both parents. Extensive information on domestic violence as well. Meetings are held in Toronto.

Telephone: (416) 410-FACT (3228)

Fathers Battling Injustice
Fathers Canada
Fathers Equally Deserve Unrestricted Parenting (F.E.D.U.P.)

344 Lagace

Dorval, Quebec, Canada H9S 2M3

Telephone: (514) 591-5553


Fathers 4 Justice — Canadian branch of UK group.
Fathers For Life - Canada — Shared parenting advocacy.

Search the site

Walter H. Schneider

Box 62, Bruderheim, Alberta, Canada T0B 0S0

Telephone: (780) 796-2306


Felonious Assault — Ontario
Glad To Be A Guy (Content d'être un gars)
Goldberg and Associates — Specializing in parental alienation syndrome.

A7 – 1390 Major Mackenzie Drive East, Suite #121

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4S 0A1

Telephone: (905) 481-0367


Grandparents Requesting Access N' Dignity — Provides support to grandparents who have been denied access to their grandchildren, as well as advocate for grandparents' rights.

153 Raquette Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3K 1M6

Phone: (204) 888-0482


Grandparents Rights Association — Support Group that meets monthly to discuss ongoing concerns.

Whitehorse, Yukon

Phone: (867) 668-7733

Gregg's stuff — Support for battered men in Canada.
Healthy Aboriginal Network — Promotion of health, literacy, and wellness for native Canadians.
Kids 'n' Dads

75 Frederick Street, Suite 101,

Kitchener, Ontario N2H 2L6

Telephone: (519) 572-6107


LegalKids A 14-year old boy who challenged the legal system in Calgary to be with his dad and won. He then made a monumental cross-country trek on his bicycle to Ottawa and Washington for children's rights.
Le Mensonge Féministe
Le suicide parmi les hommes

SOS Suicide — 24 hour hotline — Telephone: (800) 277-3553

Men's Educational Support Association (MESA)

Calgary, Alberta.

New Brunswick Children's Equal Parenting Association
Not All Men Are Deadbeats — Fighting for children's rights.
Ontario, Huron County Men's Help Line — Deals with divorce, loss of children, family violence.

Balance Beam Telephone: (519) 525-2066 (24 hours a day)

Please, don't use this help line if you are not located in Huron County.

This help line is being paid for out of the operator's own pocket

(there is no funding for any such effort or for any men's issues).

Orphaned Grandparents Associa tion — Offers support to grandparents raising grandchildren and to grandparents and other extended family members who have limited or no access to their grandchildren, nieces, and/or nephews. Aims to raise grandparent consciousness, to promote the importance of grandparenting as a role, and to publicize the plight of 'orphaned grandparents.'

Box 239, Legal

Edmonton, Alberta T0G 1L0

Phone: (780) 961-3168


Ottawa Fathers

Operation Safehouse — In an emergency, on a case-by-case basis, Ottawa Fathers operates a safe house to provide emergency shelter for up to 48 hours in the event that a father is unable to return home for a variety of domestic or legal reasons.

Our Courts Are Biased and Corrupt — British Columbia
Parental Alienation Awareness Organization — Raising awareness of parental alienation and hostile aggressive parenting.

Telephone: (416) 840-5654

Parents Who Care — Parents Coalition of British Columbia
Psychology and Psychotherapy Critique — A critical look at psychology, psychotherapy and the “ Psychology Industry” by Dr. Tana Dineen.
Pro-DNA Diagnostic — Paternity and other DNA testing.

5345, Boulevard de l'Assomption, Bureau 165

Montréal (Québec), Canada H1T 4B3

Telephone: (514) 253-9998

1-877-236-6444 (Canada & U.S.A.)

001-514-253-9998 (outside Canada & U.S.A.)

Facsimile: (514) 899-9669


Save the Males
Shared Parenting Advocacy Webring — Canada
Statistics Canada

Families, households, and housing

Stoneman Party of Canada
Stop The Torture of Non-Custodial Parents
Transition Houses And Shelters For Abused Women — Lists shelters for abused women only.
The Volksgaren Project

The Volksgaren Journal: Greg Sherk, Editor

24 First Avenue, Suite 143

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, N5R 6H8

Telephone: (519) 773-9644

Facsimile: (519) 637-1210


If you can't find help in Canada

Contact Walter Schneider

Telephone: (780) 796-2306

or Email:


Costa Rica


Asociacion de Padres de Familia Separados de Costa Rica — Los niños necesitan padres, no visitantes.

Contact: James E. Marshall, Ph.D.

San Jose, Costa Rica




Vanhemmat — Available in English • Deutsche • Français • Svenska • Russia




Planetary Alliance for Fathers in Exile — Helping fathers to reach their potential in adding to the collective knowledge of our human species.

48 Rue Gioffredo

06300 Nice, France

Telephone: 33-(0)4-93-28-2-91

Email: or

SOS DIVORCE pour les Hommes, J'aime papa
SOS PAPA — Nous avons droit å nos deux parents

Telephone: 01-47-70-25-34




BIFIR — Initiative Familienpolitik im Rechtsstaat
Innocent In Prison Project International
PapaCheckAffordable paternity testing. Site is written in German.
Psychologie & Familienrecht
Vaeter Aktuell

English version

French version







All India Helpline Number: +91-92 434 737 94 (24 Hours)

Other areas (volunteer operated and limited hours)

Mumbai: 09224335577, 09821414336

Delhi: 09810611534, 09911119113

Bangalore: 09845143724, 080-55334135

Jaipur: 09352562456, 09314249192

USA: +1 832 626 4066

Autobiography of a dowry law (IPC 498A) victim
Children's Right Initiatives For Shared Parenting (CRISP)
Dowry Law Misuse (IPC 498A) By Indian Women
Fight Against Misuse of IPC 498A

Victims of legal terrorism — Their stories

Karan Thapar vs. Renuka Chaudhary — Domestic violence laws in India debate
Legal Point Foundation — A mouthpiece for the common man; a place for legal knowledge; and a platform for discussing legal issues.
Local Circles — Engage more effectively with your trusted local communities.
Pariwarik Suraksha Sanstha

Helpline: +91-11-51823055

Rakshak — Prevent elderly abuse.
Save Indian Family Foundation
Save Institution of Marriage — Blog by Swarup Sarkar
Violence At Home — Truth for India's husbands




Amen — Source for information to help abused men in Ireland. A number of stories from abused men.

St. Anne's Resource Centre

Railway Street


County Meath

Amen Helpline: 046 9023 718


Black Dog — Support for men who suffer from anxiety, depression, and suicidal inclinations.
Dads House — Promoting and protecting marriage and the family.
Fathers For Justice And Equality

A Deadbeat Dad and the bloody pandas — Story of the agony of an abused man.




Coalition For The Children And The Family
Cruel Divorce in Israel
Fathers4Justice — A Yahoo group.




Daddy's Pride — Roma
Everyone — Group for international cooperation on human rights.
Figli Negati
Papa Separati
Pari Diritti per gli Uomini
Welcome Back Son — Childhood and adolescence.




Children's Rights Network of Japan — Multilingual site contains information on Japanese family law that everyone should know before marriage, having children or divorce with a Japanese citizen. It describes high rates of international parental abduction and domestic parental kidnapping, as well the absence of joint custody and enforceable visitation rights in Japan. There are many personal stories and links to articles from the mainstream press.




Save The Children — SIMA community based organization




Family Rights Association
Malta Abortion Rights Support
Malta Divorce Movement
Men's Rights Association of Malta

P.O. Box 129

Valletta, Malta CMR 01

Tel/Fax: (00356) 21690365, 99459714




Centro de Prevención y Tratamiento de la Violencia Sexual e Intrafamiliar, A. C. — founded in 1998.




Broken Links — Database for divorced parents with articles from newspapers, web sites, scientific journals and magazines from all over the world to support the cause of divorced parents that have trouble maintaining contact with their children.
Fathercare Knowledge Centre Europe
Joep voor Europese hof voor de rechten van de mens


New Zealand


DNA Solutions — Paternity testing by mail. Australian company will run tests for New Zealand men without mother's consent.
East Auckland Refuge for Men and Families

Telephone: (09) 270 3020

Equal Parenting @ Ration Shed
Families Apart Require Equality (FARE) — Wellington
Family violence — compiled by Stuart Birk.

Review of Patricia Pearson's book “When She Was Bad” by Stuart Birk (recommended)

Fatherhood Foundation
Forum on the Family
Hands On Equal Parent — Trust
KiwisFirst — News that furthers open and equitable administration of justice. Mission is to advance the three pillars of a responsible judicial system: transparency, lawful compliance and accountability.
Men's Affairs Group — For men, their sons, and grandsons.
Matariki — A quest for justice.
New Zealand Equality Education Foundation
New Zealand Family Court — Justice or jeopardy?
New Zealand Fathers Voters Lobby List — The main consideration for most political parties is whether they will gain more votes than they will lose.
New Zealand Men For Equal Rights Association — Good list of organization's combatting domestic violence against men.

5th Web site New Zealand Men for Equal Rights Association (NZMERA) — Dressed up version of NZMERA.


New Zealand Men's Lawyers Association
Political Busker — Benjamin Easton
Union of Fathers




Good Shepherd Ministry — Working for enslaved, orphaned, neglected, and surrendered children in Toba Tek Singh.
Justice Foundation — Formed to work with the depressed, marginalized, the most vulnerable, and persecuted communities.




College of Psychologists — Have recognized the validity of parental alienation syndrome. This is the first European Union country to recognize parental alienation as a form of psychological violence against children.


South Africa


For insight into the current collapse into barbarism in South Africa the book Into The Cannibal's Pot by South African native Ilana Mercer is recommended.

Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) — A multi-disciplinary South African non-governmental organization.

Johannesburg Office:

4th Floor, Braamfontein Centre, 23 Jorissen Street,

Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa

PO Box 30778, Braamfontein, JHB, 2017

Telephone: +27 (11) 403-5650

Fax: +27 (11) 339-6785



Cape Town Office:

Church House, 1 Queen Victoria St., Cape Town

PO Box 5326, Cape Town, 8000

Telephone: +27 (21) 422-0258

Fax: +27 (21) 423-4262


Family and Marriage Association of South Africa (Famsa)

Famsa has 27 offices around the country. For more information, call the Family Life Centre, Johannesburg, during office hours on 011-788-4784/5.

Elohim Worship — Pretoria (site is written in Afrikaans).




Action 4 Justice
Crónicas del Absurdistán — Padres separados y custodia compartida, violencia doméstica y falsas denuncias, feminismo y patriarcado. Madrid.
Human Rights Action — Life is the great moment of all of us. In multiple languages.

Violence, gender, and human rights — The case of Spain: A remarkable essay on human rights and the violation thereof by radical feminists. Essay is also available in English, French, and German.

Profesionales por la Ética — Una iniciativa de servicio.

C/ Juan Bravo 58-60

28006 Madrid

Teléfono: 91 402 27 21

Facsimile: 91 309 32 28

Departamento de comunicación: 652 881 445




Antifeministiska Samfundet — för j™mst™lldhet emot feminism.
Association for Equal Parenting
Human Childhood Organization




L'homme cible

Auto-mutilations: des precisions

Les hommes libres
Verantwortungsvoll erziehende V™ter und Mütter




Tanzania Center For Men's Rights (TACEMER)

P.O. Box 39852




United Kingdom


Abused Men In Scotland (AMIS)

Telephone: 01383 62 44 11

Angry Harry

Student's guide to feminism

A Voice For Men — Compassion for men and boys
Borderline Personality Disorder (BPDworld) — Support and advice for sufferers and partners of BPD, depression, and other personality disorders and mental health problems.
British Constitution Group
British Crime Survey — Home Office Research Development Statistics

Domestic Violence — British Home Office Research Study 191, January, 1999. Sample of 16,000 shows men and women equally violent.

British False Memory Society
British Justice — The Portia campaign.
Bully Off — Guide to stamping out bullying
Bully Online

Serial bullies — Identifying the psychopath or sociopath in our midst including the socialized psychopathic manager.

Bury Men's Group
Cheltanham Group — Explains how, and why, innocent men in the UK are having their lives wrecked, by unscrupulous women, and by a system of matrimonial and family law that is corrupt, has degenerate instead of ethical principles, and is out of the control of any responsible authority.
Combat Stress — Specializing in the care of veterans' mental health.
Dewar Research — Seeks to provide information on violence between intimate partners, with particular emphasis on male victims of domestic violence and the nature and prevalence of abuse by female partners.
DNA and Paternity Support — Fighting paternity fraud.
Erin Pizzey — Founder of the First Womens Refuge in Chiswick, London. Author and successful womens speaker, she battles against family violence and domestic abuse. An icon of our time.

Articles and books

Erin Pizzey — This Way To The Revolution: An Autobiography

Picture gallery from early days and the refuge


False Allegations Action Scotland
Families Link International (FLINT)

PO Box 157, Wallington

Surrey SM6 7WZ England

Telephone: 0781 886 1724

Facsimile: 01704 549091


Families Need Fathers — Keeping children and parents in contact since 1974.

134 Curtain Road

London EC2A 3AR

Telephone: 020 7613 5060 — 9.30 AM - 4.30 PM week days

Helpline: 08707 607 496 — 6 PM - 10 PM week days

Email: — Documenting the many protests against UK courts and CAFCASS.


Discrimination against fathers in UK Social Security system test case.

Spiderman: Father cut-off policy by secret family courts causes traffic chaos in London.

Feminine Zone — Covers all aspects of relationships and they are pro men.

Violent Women by Erin Pizzey — Includes questionnaire for violent women.

Free Thinkers Gazette — Pictures of Fathers4Justice demonstrations.
Grandparents Apart

Grandparents Apart Self Help Groups

22 Alness Crescent

Glasgow G52 1PJ Scotland

H4L-Help For Litigants In Person — For those forced to defend themselves pro se.
Hounds for Heroes — Provides assistance/service dogs to injured and disabled men and women of both the UK Armed Forces and Emergency Services.
I Hate Feminism
International Men's Network
Lifeline — Help for victims of child abuse

Walnut Tree House, Moor End

Holme Upon Spalding Moor YO43 4DR

Telephone: 01262 469085


Live Beat Dads — Children's rights support group.
Man2man — Site for battered men.
Mankind Initiative

Services — Helpline and men's refuge

McKenzie friend

England and Wales Court of Appeal (Civil Division) Decisions — O (Children) [2005] EWCA Civ 573 (28 April 2005)

England and Wales Court of Appeal (Civil Division) Decisions — O'Connel & Ors (Children) Rev 2 [2005] EWCA Civ 759 (22 June 2005)

MK-Men's Aid — Help and support for men with domestic abuse and child contact issues.

57 Cornwall Grove


Milton Keynes MK3 7HX

Telephone: 01908 - 630856

Help line: 087 1223 9986


Montgomery Family Crisis Center — Help for female and male victims of domestic abuse.

Unit 2, St. Giles Business Park

Newtown, Powys SY16 3AJ

Telephone: 01686 629114

Facsimile: 01686 629114


Ocean Recovery Centre — Drug and alcohol rehabilitation both domestic and foreign.

Telephone: Northern Admissions:0125 353 0553 or Southern Admissions:0203 389 8799

Only Dads — Talk, help, and support for lone fathers.
Parents Protest Group — Campaigning for parents rights and protesting against the Wales and UK family court's for justice and equality.

Marriage and fathers CH4 programs

People's United Community
Redress — Seeking reparations for torture survivors.
Rehab4Addiction — Works internationally as well.

Telephone: 0800 140 4690 International: +44 345 222 3508

Rehab Recovery — Making a difference in your life

Telephone: 0800 088 66 86 International: +44 330 333 6197

Sovereign Man — Articles by Simon Black
Spidermandad — In the name of the children.
Spot Counterfeits — Is it the real McCoy?
St. Neots Abuse Project (SNAP) — Runs a help-line for all victims of domestic abuse.

P.O. Box 57

St. Neots, Cambridgeshire, PE19 1AA

Helpline: 01480 396500 — Lines are open between 11.00 AM and 11.00 PM every day.

Facsimile: 01480 356342

Sue's Special Spot

Abuse hurts men too

Temper! Domestic Violence — For people seeking help to change their behavior.

Family justice — What we can do to protect our children. A ten-point plan to make our courts system fairer and safeguard it from forces which are largely unaccountable

UK Men and Father's Rights
United Kingdom's Men's Movement — Excellent site for exploring human rights issues associated with the men's movement.
Venus: The Dark Side — Protect yourself against women with malicious intent.
War On Secrecy In The English Family Courts — Dr. Michael J. Pelling
White Ribbon — End violence against everyone. Site managed by Erin Pizzey.

Pledge to end violence against everyone!



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