Children's Mental Health Law Signed In Massachusetts — Teenager Who Testified In Favor Later Kills Herself

Reproduced with permission of the author.


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August 26, 2008


Deval Patrick, Governor

Massachusetts State House

Office of the Governor, Room 360

Boston, MA 02133

Phone: 617.725.4005

Fax: 617.727.9725 [faxed to Governor, 8/26/08]


Re: Children's mental health law signed — Child who spoke at Statehouse later killed self by Steve LeBlanc, Associated Press, August 22. 2008


Dear Governor Patrick,

When you and I were children, the symptoms of "anxiety" and "bipolar disorder" were not diagnosed by teachers, were not called "chemical imbalances"/ "diseases," and were not treated with exogenous chemicals/poisons/drugs as if such diagnoses were actual diseases (throughout medicine with the notable exception of psychiatry:

• Demonstrable physical abnormality (gross, microscopic, or chemical) = disease = disorder;

• No abnormality = disease-free, disorder-free, normal.

However, today, in the lives of Mary Ann Tufts and her now-deceased daughter, Yolanda Torres, diagnoses of "anxiety," "bipolar," "conduct disorder," "oppositional defiant disorder," etc., etc. have become the primary business of the school teachers of the nation, duped and indoctrinated, hell-bent, not to render children behaved, attentive, literate, and educated, but to do the business of the psychiatric-pharmaceutical cartel, which is to see that as many as possible are labeled and drugged as if this was science and medicine, and as if this addressed real diseases and assured something nebulous called "mental health." Elsewhere we are told that Yolanda tried drug after drug — antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, antianxiety pills and lithium — some of which caused a weight gain of 50 pounds on her 5-foot frame. Surely this was not good for her either mentally or medically. Eight months after visiting the statehouse on behalf of her "Yolanda's bill," Yolanda Torres committed suicide.

Yolanda's bill it is said, will help train teachers, guidance counselors and nurses to better identify mental health needs in students, and through the state Department of Early Education and Care will provide behavioral health consultation services in early education and care programs to reach children with mental illness earlier. How could they be more efficient at this pseudo-scientific "labeling/diagnosing" than they already are? Will they be taught more coercive measures with which to bully sensible, enlightened parents who see through the scam, who understand that psychiatrists do not diagnose actual physical, organic abnormalities/diseases/disorders, and who never have.

It is hard to imagine that more mental health observation, "diagnosis" and "treatment" is necessary in the schools of Massachusetts or the nation than we see today with 20% of all children in US public schools thus diagnosed and on one or more psychiatric medications and 50-75% of all children in foster care thus "diagnosed" and "treated," quiet as if ill-fortune was a disease.

In your time and in mine, Governor Patrick, there were no such deaths and no such "diseases" or "treatments" in any childhood populations.

Where is the proof that more teacher mental health observation, diagnosis and treatment will improve anything much less the educational outcome for Massachusetts's and all US children.

There is no proof that any of Yolanda's psychiatric diagnoses were actual diseases, or that any of Rebecca Riley's (Hull, MA) diagnoses were actual diseases. There is no proof that they had any actual diseases other than the intoxications of the psychiatric drug polypharmacy assured by their every pseudoscientific diagnosis, each of them justification for one or more psychiatric drugs called "chemical balancers" for "chemical imbalances" of the brain — each a terrible fiction.

So it is that the DSM of the APA is a complete and beastly work of fiction, an evil tool with which to justify the drugging of entirely normal children by the millions. While Dr. Joseph Biederman, on the payroll of too many pharmaceutical corporations to remember, would not agree, children are not suffering and dying for want of more psychiatric diagnoses and treatments, but strictly because of those diagnoses and treatments. Tragically, Yolanda's mother does not get it even now. Tragically for all of the children of Massachusetts, you and your state's legislature do not get it. Yolanda and Rebecca Riley and who knows how many thousands of children in your state, and millions in the nation, are dying as never before because of this bogus, fraudulent, evil diagnosing and drugging where there are no actual diseases to begin with, only emotional and behavioral symptoms which can and will abate with nothing more than consistent, common sense, love and the touch of human kindness, while totally rejecting the notion of psychiatric disease

In 1952, in the first edition of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-I), homosexuality was classified as a mental disorder (with abnormality = disorder = disease). However, with scientific information from researchers like Evelyn Hooker and Kinsey, the APA declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder with a vote of 58% (how it is done in psychiatry) of the membership supporting the measure. The current DSM contains a diagnosis of "persistent and marked distress about one's sexual orientation." Might this become law, as so many of their disorders have, allowing judges to court-order "chemical balancers" for their "chemical imbalances" or otherwise stigmatizing them and rolling back their civil rights. So much for psychiatry as medical science. So much for the notion of psychiatric diseases. There is no escaping the conclusion that the first and only real abnormality/disease/chemical imbalance is that resulting from the drug or drugs that invariably follow the fraudulent labeling — the greatest health care fraud of all time.

There can be no doubt whatsoever that Rebecca Riley of Hull, Massachusetts died, not of her fraudulent "diseases/disorders" but rather of the multiple psychiatric drugs with which she was poisoned (what even prescription drugging is called when no disease was present to begin with). Rebecca's parents sit in jail to this day charged with her murder when, in fact, noted Harvard psychiatrists that advance the for-profit fiction that pediatric/childhood bipolar disorder is a bona fide disease, needing/requiring psychotropic drug treatment are the ones at fault.

When teachers themselves are forbidden from making diagnoses and suggesting drugs what they do instead is to urge, suggest, insist, that the parents of pupils they have "diagnosed," go to a physician or mental health professional which accomplishes the same thing — that the child is diagnosed and medicated, as surely as if the teacher had been the one making the diagnosis and referring the child and family to a physician who they know will prescribe the needed "chemical balancers" — drugs. Either way the epidemic of mental disorders, diseases, grows and with it prescriptions for psychiatric drugs — intoxicants, poisons, all detectable in the blood, body and brain — the first abnormality/disease the pupil, now a patient actually has.

In fact, the parents and family should decide if and when to take their children to a physician, or to any kind of a health care professional, with educators speaking their piece on the issue but nothing more.

Today the "mental health" indoctrinated teacher corps requires and coerces until their will and the collective will of the therapeutic/mental health school is done. This bill is just what educators and the "mental health" industry want. It will lead to more diagnoses, more children "treated" and to more deaths such as Yolanda's and that of Rebecca Riley.

Please call or write if I can answer any questions you may have.


Fred A. Baughman Jr., M.D.

Neurology and Child Neurology (Board certified)

Fellow, American Academy of Neurology

1303 Hidden Mountain Drive

El Cajon, California 92019

Telephone: (619) 440-8236

Facsimile: (619) 442-1932


Author: The ADHD Fraud: How Psychiatry Makes "Patients" of Normal Children



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