Chapter 3 —Child Support: A Program For Everyone But Children And Fathers


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Insanity: The most common sources of impossibly high support orders are default judgments where the defendant was never even served with notice of the case; "imputed income" where the judge makes an assumption as to what the parent "should" be earning; failure to adjust support orders when earnings are reduced; and imprisonment. In many states the rigid rule is that imprisonment is "voluntary" and, therefore, not a basis to reduce child support. The result is that a prisoner is released, found to be in arrears on child support that accrued while in prison, and sent back to prison as a "deadbeat."

Note that under Obamacare after 2014 child support for dependent children will continue until the man's son or daughter (presuming he was smart enough to get a DNA test) will continue until age 26. That virtually guarantees Mom will keep her "babies" living with her until the youngest turns 26.

As the EJF has repeatedly pointed out, under current laws a man is functionally insane to marry and a drooling idiot to sire a child.


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