Chapter 6 — Fathers And Mothers Today


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If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much.

Jacqueline Kennedy


The Case for Father Custody by Daniel Amneus, Ph.D.

Hate My Father? No Ma'am! by Glenn Sacks

Another Man Down in the War Against Fathers by Roger F. Gay

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The Myth of Deadbeat Dads by Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D.

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Fathers' Rights Are Fathers' Duties by Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D.

The Politics of Fatherhood by Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D.

Playing Politics With The Federal Fatherhood Initiative by Carey Roberts

Fallible Feminists And Deadbeat Dads by John P. Rooney, J.D.

What Have Feminists Done to America's Fathers? by Phyllis Schlafly

Teen Pregnancy: From the Government With Love by Bernard Chapin

The Doofus Department by Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D.

Fathers Into Felons by Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D.

Lecture Given At 'Mankind' Conference, Friends Meeting House. Euston, October 28, 2000 by Lynette Burrows

Female Life Cycle —PMS, Perimenopause, And Menopause by Charles E. Corry, Ph.D.

Do Black Fathers Matter? by Maggie Gallagher

Disenfranchised Father Syndrome by Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.

Fatherhood Faces Stacked Deck In Family Court by Phyllis Schlafly

Single Mothers, Many Problems

Misandry Is The Message by Barbara Kay