Chapter 5 — In Women's Own Words


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Truth brought to public light recruits the best of us to work for change. On the other hand, even the best intentioned 'noble lie' discredits the finest of causes.

Christina Hoff Sommers



It is our belief that a woman, man, or child should be able to call the police and expect to receive help and succor. Instead, under current laws calls for help are all too frequently used by authorities to destroy families, or as a weapon of vengeance by individuals.

The following sections provide actual examples of how women's lives are damaged or destroyed in their own words by current radical feminist ideology and the insane domestic violence laws they have spawned.

Never in the radical feminist literature do we find the follow up of what happens to the children after their father, or mother, or both, are taken from their innocent young lives with no notice, often no warrant or court order, and little pretext.

Such actions as described in this chapter are so commonplace now as to hardly merit attention. Family law attorneys and judges estimate that charges of domestic violence or abuse are used to gain advantage in at least one third of divorces in Colorado today. But in such actions the man is driven from his home, his children, and all he possesses without prior notice, and virtually no recourse or rights. Once the father is out of the house it is almost certain mother will get custody of the kids and the house in the divorce. But this is all too often the beginning of a downward spiral for all concerned.

If the woman is vindictive or seeking vengeance, once the restraining order is in place she can likely put him in jail as well by alleging violations of the order. But commonly we hear from women whose lives are destroyed by the police and "justice" system after they ask for help.

Restraining orders are almost exclusively issued against men and are commonly issued on any pretext (see definitions ) a woman, the prosecutor, or DV advocate might invent, e.g., "fear" or "emotional harm," and require lower levels of evidence than other criminal charges. For example, hearsay is admissible. No actual evidence of violence or harm need be produced in order to obtain an eviction, or restraining order against a man. There is no penalty for making false statements when filing for such orders, or for the subornation of perjury in advising a woman to get a restraining order. And increasingly we are hearing from women who are told that they cannot get any help if they don't agree to file a restraining order, or are threatened with charges of perjury if they refuse to cooperate in domestic violence cases.

And women are speaking for themselves in the following sections.

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