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Condoning Slavery Under Color Of Law — Man Forced To Pay Child Support To Biological Father Of His Wife's Child — Part V

January 25, 2006


In past installments on the horrors of slavery inflicted under color of law by the Colorado legislature I have ignored the pernicious effects of the judiciary on paternity fraud. Even if the state legislatures passed equitable laws, which some have, regarding paternity fraud there is still the disastrous impact of the family courts and the black-robed monsters who sit on the benches of many of them. In their star chambers these redfems ignore the law, if they even know it, and rule on the basis of their emotions and feelings. And it is certainly politically correct in these times to condemn the husband for his wife's adultery.

One egregious example is presented below but Mr. Richardson's situation is hardly unique or uncommon. However, I am no less sickened by the injustice done him, and all the other victims of paternity fraud. Despite what Colorado Senator Steve Johnson may propose and legislate, our society cannot long survive if we continue to condone adultery and make infidelity profitable.

Charles E. Corry, Ph.D., F.G.S.A.


Man Forced To Pay Child Support To Biological Father Of His Wife's Child


Published with permission of the victim

My name is Douglas M Richardson from Essexville, Michigan, and I am yet another victim of paternity fraud. However, my story has a bit of a twist, an eye-opening twist.

Over fifteen years ago, while going through a divorce, it was brought to my attention by the eldest of two children that his mother had informed him I am not his father. This was about 1 1/2 years into the divorce proceedings. The child at that time was almost 6 years old and living with his mother and her prior boyfriend, whom I had no knowledge of during the marriage. The boy also informed me that his mother had told him the prior boyfriend, and now her live-in lover, was in fact his father.

That revelation began my fight for genetic testing. Throughout the divorce proceedings my ex-wife, in open court, and after being asked by the judge if there was any credibility to my claims, stated on the record she was sure this was my child. Her attorney claimed it was my motivation to disregard the child support that I had voluntarily agreed to pay prior to the divorce being filed. After several attempts and motions the judge agreed to require genetic testing, but the results could not be used in court as evidence and were for medical reasons only.

When my ex-wife found the tests were going to be completed, through her attorney she went to the friend of the court and openly admitted the oldest child was not mine. Through the friend of the court she proposed an agreement that there would be no support or visitation with his or my child. The child in question was then living with his biological father and was well aware of the situation. Her attorney drew up the agreement and even though there were two children of the marriage, one of whom was mine, my attorney told me to go along with this and we could file a motion later to seek visitation for my child.

The judge wanted this agreement brought before the court for signing. However,. at that point he made several capricious changes to the agreement. First, the judge maliciously entered an order to support and carry health care on both children despite the prior agreement. Then he terminated my visitation rights to my child as well. Of course no penalties were imposed on my adulterous ex-wife.

So for the last 15 years, enslaved, I have paid the support for both children while they lived with the father of the first child. Obviously everyone, including the judge, have been fully aware of the fraud since the court entered the order. And, to add insult to injury, her boyfriend (the biological father) sat in the courtroom through the divorce proceedings.

I have since learned that my ex-wife gave a child up for adoption eight months before I met her. The same man was the father of that child as well and wanted nothing to do with that baby.

In April 2001 I received a letter from the friend of the court stating the mother had moved out of the house leaving the children behind, basically abandoning them with this man. At that point the court granted him custody of not only his child but my child as well. The judge also issued an order directing that all payments I make go directly to the biological father of my ex-wife's child. Not only was I paying this man to raise his own child, but my child as well. Further, I was never notified until after this occurred and the court order entered.

When the mother moved out of her boyfriend's home in 2001 she was also ordered to pay the father child support. Thus, her boyfriend was receiving child support from two separate people to raise his own child.

The child is now 20-years old and doesn't even live with his father. But the courts say I have an arrearage of $6,700 that has accumulated over the last 15 years. To date this case, between the support and health care, has cost me well over $150,000.

In 2005 my child moved back in with my ex-wife and on September 19 th the court issued an order for me to pay her child support for our child. However, I was not notified of the custody change or the court order until I received a letter dated January 20, 2006, from the friend of the court, Elizabeth Roszatycki.

As this case stands today, I pay the father, my ex-wife's boyfriend, child support on an arrearage for a child that isn't mine and a child that no longer lives with him. I also pay the mother child support for the second child.

Some ask why I have just paid the support? The answer, though unjust, is quite easy. When the divorce proceeding were over my attorney told me there was nothing I could do, just live with it.

Even though the second child is mine I have tape recorded phone conversations from 1990 of the mother stating that I will never be allowed to have anything to do with either of these children. She stated then that she would simply erase me out of the picture so her, the children, and her boyfriend can go on with their lives as a family. And she did just that with the full support of the courts all the way.

I felt compared to share this injustice with you and can provide documentation on request.

Douglas M Richardson

709 McDonnell

Essexville, Michigan 48732

Telephone: (989) 893-4717

Email: dougmrich@yahoo.com



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