Vote Fraud And Election Issues


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The following is an incomplete sample of the problems with voting in America, with particular emphasis on the fallacies and disasters of electronic voting. Contributions are solicited if you have a story of election corruption.
If you are new to this site or voting issues it is suggested you go to either the Summaries section or Introductory Comments On Voting Principles for overviews of the subject and the site.


Last updated 6/14/09

Table Of Contents

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Chapter 1 — Introduction To Voting Problems

Chapter 2 — Essays On Voting Problems

Chapter 3 — Direct Recording Electronic Voting

Chapter 4 —Trust Our Election Officials?

Chapter 5 — Lies, Damn Lies, And Mail In Elections

Chapter 6 — Pitfalls Of Statewide Voter Registration Databases

Chapter 7 — Building Better Ballot Boxes

Chapter 8 — Voting Problems In The 2002 Elections

Chapter 9 — Voting Problems In The 2003 Elections

Chapter 10 — Voting Problems In The 2004 Elections

Chapter 11 — Voting Problems In The 2005 Elections

Chapter 12 — Voting Problems In The 2006 Elections

Chapter 13 — Voting Problems In The 2007 Elections

Chapter 14 — Voting Problems In The 2008 Elections

Chapter 15 —Election Web Sites And Problems

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