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If you are new to this site or voting issues it is suggested you go to either the Summaries section or Introductory Comments On Voting Principles for overviews of the subject and the site.





Chapter 1 — Introduction To Voting Problems

Introductory Comments On Voting Problems by Charles E. Corry, Ph.D.

Former Election Assistance Commission Chair States There Are No Standards And System Ripe For Stealing An Election

A 'Modern' Democracy That Can't Count Votes

Too Many Votes Go Uncounted by Thomas Hargrove

Voter Fraud Issues: A Florida Department Of Law Enforcement Report And Observations

Vote Early, Vote Often by Kay Daly

Chicago Rules Of Election Fraud

Basic Voting Principles by Charles E. Corry, Ph.D.


Chapter 2 — Essays On Voting Problems

ATM Network For Voting: A Non-Starter by David Jefferson

Vote Of No Confidence by Jonathan Vankin

Sanity In The Election Process by Lauren Weinstein

Hacking The Vote by Lauren Weinstein

Statement On Palm Beach County Florida November 2000 Ballot by Don A. Dillman, Ph.D.

Perspective On Election Processes by Peter Neumann

Thoughts On Computers In Voting by Douglas Jones, Ph.D.

If You Want To Win An Election, Just Control The Voting Machines by Thom Hartmann

The Election by Michael Shnayerson

Global Eye — Vanishing Act by Chris Floyd

How They Could Steal the Election This Time by Ronnie Dugger

Electronic Vote Machine Certification Criticized by Bill Poovey

Elections Run Smoothly in Surprising Places by Thomas Hargrove

Diebold Insider Alleges Company Plagued By Technical Woes by Miriam Raftery

Can You Count on Voting Machines? by Clive Thompson


Chapter 3 — Direct Recording Electronic Voting

Diebold — The Face Of Modern Ballot Tampering by Faun Otter

Bald-Faced Lies About Black Box Voting Machines And The Truth About The Diebold Rob-Georgia File by C. D. Sludge

Hack The Vote — How To Stop Someone From Stealing The 2004 Elections by Paul Boutin

Did Electronic Vote Firm Patch The Georgia Election? by Kim Zetter

All The President's Votes? by Andrew Gumbel

Internet Voting For Military Is An Open Invitation To Election Fraud

Internet Voting Revisited: Security And Identity Theft Risks of the DoD's Interim Voting Assistance System by David Jefferson, Avi Rubin, Barbara Simons, and David Wagner

Diebold GEMS Central Tabulator Contains Stunning Security Hole by Bev Harris

Gambling On Voting

Lost Electronic Votes in New Mexico: A Cautionary Tale by Dan Keating

Wrong Time For An E-Vote Glitch by Kim Zetter

Low-Carb Leader Will Get My Vote by Dave Barry

Handicapped Voters And DREs Don't Mix Well

Voters Handicapped In Pawtucket County, Rhode Island by Douglas Hadden

Diebold's TSx Failure in California by John Gideon

A Crazy Way To Run An Election by Susan Pynchon

Black Box Voting Report on Diebold Voting Machine Test

As Elections Near, Officials Challenge Balloting Security by Zachary Goldfarb

New Security Risks Found In Diebold Voting Systems by Monica Davey

The Diebold Bombshell by David Dill, Doug Jones, and Barbara Simons

Glitches Hit Sequoia Systems In Denver And Across Country by Jeff Smith

Clerks Cast Doubt On New Election Machines In New Jersey by Paul Brubaker


Chapter 4 —Trust Our Election Officials?

Some Questions For Our Elected Officials by Chuck Herrin

As Bad As The 1904 Election In Colorado? by Ed Quillen

Louisiana Commissioner Of Elections Convicted Of Accepting Kickbacks From Electronic Vote Vendors

Bribery Of A North Carolina Election Director

Pinellas County, Florida, Finds Supervisor of Elections Deborah Clark, Worked For Voting Machine Manufacturer by Lisa Greene and Deborah O'Neil

Pinellas County, Florida, Ballot Box Sat Ignored In Office

Human (Or Was It Machine?) Errors Mar September 2002 Florida Primary Results

Doofus Too Dumb To Quit In Arapahoe County, Colorado

Florida Clerk Notes Election Irregularities In Broward County, Florida

Mesa County Colorado List Of Voters Raises Doubts by Nancy Lofholm

Denver Colorado Election Commission Computer Technician Charged With Theft, Forgery, And Embezzlement

Diebold Wines And Dines Election Officials by David Corn

Madame Butterfly Flies Off With Ballots: Florida Fixed Again by Greg Palast

Eroding The Cornerstone Of Democracy

Votes At Risk In Some States by Thomas Hargrove and Michael Collins

Voting Glitches Found In Six Recent Elections In Miami-Dade County, Florida

Standing On Principle Is Not 'Mal-Intent' by Dean Schooler

United Nations Cites Misconduct In Firing Elections Chief by Colum Lynch

Almost Heaven, West Virginia

The Dirty Little Secrets of Voting System Testing Labs by Avi Rubin

U.S. Bars Colorado Lab From Testing Electronic Voting Machines by Christopher Drew

Election Officials in Arizona Refuse to Answer Senate Questions

Key Voting Machine Certification Document Altered In Colorado, Examiner Proven Incompetent, Judge Rules Against Secretary of State

Montrose County, Colorado, County Clerk Violates Election Laws


Chapter 5 — Lies, Damn Lies, And Mail In Elections

Why Mail Ballots Are A Bad Idea by Charles E. Corry, Ph.D.

Voter Fraud Epidemic by Joseph Farah

Voting Fraud In South Dakota

Oregon's Vote-By-Mail Fails To Fulfill Its Promise by Melody Rose

Oregon's Comedy of Errors by Thomas Hargrove

Uncharted Territory For Colorado With Mail Ballots

Colorado County Clerks Breaking Election Law On Signatures by Steven K. Paulson

Mail Balloting Invites Fraud, Intimidation by Jon Caldara

Report On The April 1, 2003, Mail In Election, Colorado Springs, Colorado by Charles E. Corry, Ph.D.

Report On The April 7, 2009, Mail In Election, Colorado Springs, Colorado by Charles E. Corry, Ph.D.

University Of Florida Professor Sees Red Over Absentee Ballot by Amy Reinink

Absentee Votes Worry Officials As November 2, 2004, Nears by Michael Moss

Absentee Voting Practices Result In Felony Charges Against Orlando, Florida Mayor, Judge, Campaign Manager, And Others

Appalachia, Virginia, Ex-Mayor Pleads Guilty To Fixing Election by Rex Bowman

Colorado, Denver, And Mail Ballots: One City's Experience

Absent Without Leave by John Fund


Chapter 6 — Pitfalls Of Statewide Voter Registration Databases

Accenture — Epitome Of Incompetence

Thousands Of Ineligible Voters Are Still Registered by Thomas Hargrove

Ex-Con Game: How Florida's 'Felon' Voter-Purge Was Itself Felonious by Greg Palast

Many Counties Have Highly Inaccurate Voter Lists by Thomas Hargrove

Vanishing Votes by Gregory Palast

How To Steal An Election by Jeff Jacoby

An Election Spoiled Rotten by Greg Palast

Phantom Voters by Terje Langeland

Communication Glitch Delays Early Voting At Some Broward County, Florida, Sites

Missouri Violates Federal Voter Registration Laws by Mark Morris and Tim Hoover

Colorado's Second Try At Voter Registration Database, SCORE II


Chapter 7 — Building Better Ballot Boxes

Bad Ideas For Voting Just Keep Coming by Charles E. Corry, Ph.D.

To Register Doubts, Press Here by Sam Lubell

A Better Ballot Box? by Rebecca Mercuri, Ph.D.

Forward To the Past: Junk the Machines, Count Votes Manually by Stephen H. Unger


Chapter 8 — Voting Problems In The 2002 Elections

Technician's Error, Not Machines, To Blame In Miami-Dade County, Florida, Election Mix-Up by Oscar Corral

Florida Elections — 2002

The Re-Election of Jim Crow: How Jeb Bush's Team is Trying to Steal Florida Again by Greg Palast

Various News Reports —2002

2002 Elections: Republican Voting Machines, Election Irregularities, and "Way-Off" Polling Results by Lynn Landes


Chapter 9 — Voting Problems In The 2003 Elections

81,000 Voters Were Not Sent Ballots For Colorado Springs, Colorado, Election by Ed Sealover

Error Spurs Total Vote Recount In Boulder Colorado, by Marcos Mocine-McQueen

Garfield County, Colorado, Election Investigation Uncovers Many Miscalculations by Mike McKibbin

Various News Reports —2003


Chapter 10 — Voting Problems In The 2004 Elections

Electronic Voting A Mess In March 2004 California Primary

North Carolina Takes The Lead In November 2004 Election Problems

Election Problems In Florida — 2004

Voter Fraud Probed In Colorado by Susan Greene and Karen E. Crummy

Vote Counts Don't Add Up In Alaska

Powerful Government Accountability Office Report Confirms Key 2004 Election Problem Findings by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman

Election Study Finds Widespread Ballot-Counting Problems by Thomas Hargrove

Various News Reports — 2004

Down For The Count In Riverside County, California by Andrew Gumbel


Chapter 11 — Voting Problems In The 2005 Elections

2005 — Various News Reports

Machine Errors Result In Hand Recounts In Ten Colorado Counties by Karen E. Crummy and Michael McCollum


Chapter 12 — Voting Problems In The 2006 Elections

Stealth Elections

Arkansas: Report On Primary Meltdown Rips ES&S by Warren Stewart

Daily Voting News For June 7, 2006 by John Gideon

Various News Reports — 2006 Primary Elections

My Day At The Polls — Baltimore, Maryland Primary 2006 by Avi Rubin

Various News Reports — 2006 General Elections

Why Did So Much Go Wrong On Election Day In Athens County, Ohio? by Nick Claussen


Chapter 13 — Voting Problems In The 2007 Elections

2007 — Various News Reports


Chapter 14 — Voting Problems In The 2008 Elections

2008 — Various News Reports


Chapter 15 —Election Web Sites And Problems

Election Issue Web Sites

Governmental Bodies Or Associations

Voting Equipment Manufacturers

Electronic Voting Equipment Problems Tabulated By State And County



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