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Chapter 1 — Introduction To Voting Problems

Chapter 2 — Essays On Voting Problems

Chapter 3 — Direct Recording Electronic Voting

Chapter 4 —Trust Our Election Officials?

Chapter 5 — Lies, Damn Lies, And Mail In Elections

Chapter 6 — Pitfalls Of Statewide Voter Registration Databases

Chapter 7 — Building Better Ballot Boxes

Chapter 8 — Voting Problems In The 2002 Elections

Chapter 9 — Voting Problems In The 2003 Elections

Chapter 10 — Voting Problems In The 2004 Elections

Chapter 11 — Voting Problems In The 2005 Elections

Chapter 12 — Voting Problems In The 2006 Elections

Chapter 13 — Voting Problems In The 2007 Elections

Chapter 14 — Voting Problems In The 2008 Elections

Chapter 15 — Election Web Sites And Problems


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Chapter 1 — Introduction To Voting Problems

Chapter 2 — Essays On Voting Problems

Chapter 3 — Direct Recording Electronic Voting

Chapter 4 — Trust Our Election Officials?

Chapter 5 — Lies, Damn Lies, And Mail In Elections

Chapter 6 — Pitfalls Of Statewide Voter Registration Databases

Chapter 7 — Building Better Ballot Boxes

Chapter 8 — Voting Problems In The 2002 Elections

Chapter 9 — Voting Problems In The 2003 Elections

Chapter 10 — Voting Problems In The 2004 Elections

Chapter 11 — Voting Problems In The 2005 Elections

Chapter 12 — Voting Problems In The 2006 Elections

Chapter 15 — Election Web Sites And Problems


Chapter 1


Introduction To Voting Problems

Introductory Comments On Voting Problems by Charles E. Corry, Ph.D.

Elections and power

Computer security

Critic gets the ol' heave-ho 45

Survey: Firms mum on hacker attacks — FBI seeks to ease fears on reporting 47

Where are the protections against hacking computer voting systems? 48

Election databases

Election officials and voting system vendors

Mail ballot elections

Former Election Assistance Commission Chair States There Are No Standards And System Ripe For Stealing An Election

Transcript from unaired August 2006 interview

A 'Modern' Democracy That Can't Count Votes

Special report:

Long-term neglect

Weak equipment

Every system has its weaknesses 59

Punch card systems that produce chads are particularly prone to problems 59

Optical scanners have their own special problems 60

What is never trouble-free is the combination of computers and humans 60

Trouble with rolls 60

Votes for sale

Preferred way to cheat is with mail-in ballots 62

Turned away at polls

Voluntary standards

Too Many Votes Go Uncounted by Thomas Hargrove

Voter Fraud Issues: A Florida Department Of Law Enforcement Report And Observations


Basic types of fraud encountered

A realization — Voter fraud has greater impact on local elections but it affects the integrity of our democracy in all elections

FDLE's historical perspective—A brief review of cases of interest

Miami, November 1997 mayoral elections 72

Hialeah 1993 November mayoral elections 73

Daytona Beach 1993 commission election 73

Hardee County 1992 sheriff's election 73

Dixie County 1992 sheriff's election 74

Baker County 1990 school board election 74

Dixie County 1988 Supervisor of Elections election 74

Lafayette County 1984 county commission election 74

Observations and concerns derived from FDLE's investigations

Other states' voter fraud responses and experiences.

California 78

Federal elections subject to alleged fraud, too 79

Georgia's response to voter fraud 79

Louisiana experiences 79

Illinois' experience 79


Anti-fraud steps Florida may wish to consider implementing 80


Vote Early, Vote Often by Kay Daly

Chicago Rules Of Election Fraud

How to steal an election

Vote early and vote often 88

Variants for the new millennium 89

Basic Voting Principles by Charles E. Corry, Ph.D.

Secret ballot

One man, one vote

Voter eligibility


Votes accurately recorded and counted



Chapter 2


Essays On Voting Problems

ATM Network For Voting: A Non-Starter by David Jefferson

Re: ATM network for voting: a non-starter (Jefferson, RISKS-21.15)

Vote Of No Confidence by Jonathan Vankin

The FEC rejected Naegle's recommendation

And so on...

Sanity In The Election Process by Lauren Weinstein

Hacking The Vote by Lauren Weinstein

Statement On Palm Beach County Florida November 2000 Ballot by Don A. Dillman, Ph.D.

Perspective On Election Processes by Peter Neumann

Florida vote counts

Perspective on election processes

Internet and electronic voting

Thoughts On Computers In Voting by Douglas Jones, Ph.D.

What threat does this present?

If You Want To Win An Election, Just Control The Voting Machines by Thom Hartmann

The Election by Michael Shnayerson

Hack the vote 124

Global Eye — Vanishing Act by Chris Floyd


How They Could Steal the Election This Time by Ronnie Dugger


Torment in Washington

Around the states

It's really a matter of trust

Voting machines stolen in Georgia

The kids prick open a scandal

What you can do

Electronic Vote Machine Certification Criticized by Bill Poovey

Elections Run Smoothly in Surprising Places by Thomas Hargrove

Doubting Thomas

Diebold Insider Alleges Company Plagued By Technical Woes by Miriam Raftery


Concerns about Georgia, Ohio elections

The difficulties of installing paper trails

How Diebold woos state officials

Diebold consultant convicted of embezzlement

Bear defends Diebold's record

Can You Count on Voting Machines? by Clive Thompson

New voting technologies

In the lobby of Jane Platten's office 176

The question, of course

If you want to get a sense of the real stakes in voting-machine politics

Friday before the November 2007 elections in Pennsylvania

If you wanted to know 184

Given that there is no perfect voting system


Chapter 3


Direct Recording Electronic Voting

Diebold — The Face Of Modern Ballot Tampering by Faun Otter

The perfect crime?

Bald-Faced Lies About Black Box Voting Machines And The Truth About The Diebold Rob-Georgia File by C. D. Sludge

Bigger than Watergate!

How to rig an election in the United States

Fantasy becomes reality

How we discovered the backdoor 197

Evidence of motive 198

Evidence of opportunity 198

Evidence of method 199

Evidence of prior conduct 199

Consistent unexplained circumstantial evidence 200

Hack The Vote — How To Stop Someone From Stealing The 2004 Elections by Paul Boutin

Did Electronic Vote Firm Patch The Georgia Election? by Kim Zetter

All The President's Votes? by Andrew Gumbel

Internet Voting For Military Is An Open Invitation To Election Fraud


DoD votes for Accenture's eDemocracy by Roy Mark

Saudis dump U.S. voter firm by Charles R. Smith

Saudi/Yemen link to online election company 221

Saudi firm or Yemeni company? 222

Saudi ownership moot 223

'Passive' ownership 223

Hacked Canadian vote 223

Offshore company captures online military vote by Lynn Landes

U.S. to test expat cybervoting by Elizabeth Olson

A security analysis of the Secure Electronic Registration and Voting Experiment (SERVE) by David Jefferson Ph.D., Aviel D. Rubin Ph.D., Barbara Simons Ph.D., and David Wagner Ph.D.

Executive summary 228

Internet Voting Revisited: Security And Identity Theft Risks of the DoD's Interim Voting Assistance System by David Jefferson, Avi Rubin, Barbara Simons, and David Wagner


An internal security review

Security concern 232

A description of the system

Tool One 233

Tool Two 234

Voted ballot confidentiality

Identity theft and vote tampering


What might be done

Diebold GEMS Central Tabulator Contains Stunning Security Hole by Bev Harris


Public officials 238


Problems with GEMS central tabulator

Multiple sets of books 240

Ask an accountant 240

A hidden trigger 241

How and when did the double set of books get into GEMS? 241

More GEMS problems, and why current solutions/explanations won't work

But do new security measures solve the problem? 242

Let's talk about getting at the central tabulator through telephone lines 243

What if your county doesn't use any modems at all? 243

What if there is a password even to get onto the GEMS computer itself? 243

What about counties that limit access to just one person, the county elections supervisor? 244

The following things can be done when you go in the back door in GEMS using Microsoft Access 244

Let's talk about passwords 244

Election meltdown 244

Does GEMS even work as advertised? 244

The audit log

Could the double set of books be legitimate?

Solutions to GEMS central tabulator problem

Recommendations: 246

Short term corrective action for touch screen counties 247

Polling place tapes 247

Ways to get taxpayer restitution

Attorneys 247

What about the qui tam requirement to seal the evidence? 248

California is expected to announce on September 6, 2004, whether they will help seek taxpayer restitution in the existing Qui Tam 248

More predictions

How much taxpayer money is involved?

Gambling On Voting

Tests and Testing

Lost Electronic Votes in New Mexico: A Cautionary Tale by Dan Keating

Wrong Time For An E-Vote Glitch by Kim Zetter

Low-Carb Leader Will Get My Vote by Dave Barry

Handicapped Voters And DREs Don't Mix Well

Blind Voters Rip E-Machines by Elise Ackerman

Introduction 261

Modifications due 262

Survey questioned 263

Voters' complaints 263

Americans with disabilities call for election systems featuring both accessibility and security

Signatories — 41 as of May 3, 2007 264

Voters Handicapped In Pawtucket County, Rhode Island by Douglas Hadden

Diebold's TSx Failure in California by John Gideon

A Crazy Way To Run An Election by Susan Pynchon

Preliminary report on the performance of the Diebold "blended" or "dual" system

Introduction 273

Identified problems and issues

Advantage of paper ballots negated 274

Unnecessary complexity 274

Loss of private vote 274

Differential treatment 276

Accumulating precinct results 276

Illegal state certification?


Additional layers of complication

Tabulation of results 278

Unsatisfactory/incomplete election report and other problems 278

Inadequate poll worker training and other precinct-level problems 279

Blended system summary

Black Box Voting Report on Diebold Voting Machine Test

Grade: "F" for complete failure

As Elections Near, Officials Challenge Balloting Security by Zachary Goldfarb

New Security Risks Found In Diebold Voting Systems by Monica Davey

EJF perspective on how major this problem is

A little more 290

The Diebold Bombshell by David Dill, Doug Jones, and Barbara Simons

Glitches Hit Sequoia Systems In Denver And Across Country by Jeff Smith

Sequoia Voting Systems

Nationwide voting problems

Clerks Cast Doubt On New Election Machines In New Jersey by Paul Brubaker


Chapter 4


Trust Our Election Officials?

Some Questions For Our Elected Officials by Chuck Herrin

Electronic vote counting

Paper ballots

Voting machine security

As Bad As The 1904 Election In Colorado? by Ed Quillen

Louisiana Commissioner Of Elections Convicted Of Accepting Kickbacks From Electronic Vote Vendors

Factual basis, plea agreement in Fowler case

Factual basis 308

Plea agreement

Bribery Of A North Carolina Election Director

What happened

Bribery and kickbacks in Mecklenburg County

Meet Ed O'Day — Voting machine salesman extraordinaire

Pinellas County, Florida, Finds Supervisor of Elections Deborah Clark, Worked For Voting Machine Manufacturer by Lisa Greene and Deborah O'Neil


Decision delayed after revelations about manufacturers

Pinellas County, Florida, Ballot Box Sat Ignored In Office

Deborah Clark just can't seem to get the hang of running an election

Human (Or Was It Machine?) Errors Mar September 2002 Florida Primary Results

Abstracts from Florida Democratic Party news release

Bay County 323

Broward County 323

Duval County 323

Escamba County 323

Hillsborough County 324

Miami-Dade County 324

Okaloosa County 324

Orange County 324

Palm Beach County 324

Pasco County 324

Seminole County 324

Union County 325

Volusia County 325

Final voting results expected one week after electronic election

Machines identified 326

Broward wraps up 326

Penelas' visit 327

Voting machines maker blamed

Does Florida's latest election fiasco portend another Bush theft in November?

Polling problems seen as 'crisis'

Serious unresolved issues with Miami-Dade primary election mar prospects for clean November 5, 2002 election

Doofus Too Dumb To Quit In Arapahoe County, Colorado

Doofus of the Month award

Clerk's affair dividing office

He's just elected; now recall him

Baker forces commission to do right

Arapahoe has spent $200,000 in effort to oust clerk Baker by Karen Rouse

When allies become enemies by George Merritt

Arapahoe County ousts clerk in a rout

Arapahoe settles with Baker workers

Jokes at 2002 Baker meeting

Florida Clerk Notes Election Irregularities In Broward County, Florida

Request for confirmation


Mesa County Colorado List Of Voters Raises Doubts by Nancy Lofholm

Denver Colorado Election Commission Computer Technician Charged With Theft, Forgery, And Embezzlement

Why public trust is an issue here by Charles E. Corry, Ph.D.

City employee Tom Cole charged with theft, forgery, and embezzlement

Denver election chief's exit sought

Denver auditor expands review of election board

Early worries forecast Election Day 2006 fiasco as Tom Cole's replacement is no improvement

November 7, 2006, election collapses into chaos in Denver 362

Concerns about Anthony Rainey 363

Diebold Wines And Dines Election Officials by David Corn

Madame Butterfly Flies Off With Ballots: Florida Fixed Again by Greg Palast

Eroding The Cornerstone Of Democracy

Open and honest elections

Election watchdog could face charges

Free Al Kolwicz!

Want to know how I voted? Look it up by Jon Caldara

Election watchdog won't face charges

Report spreads blame for voting ills

We are appalled!

Votes At Risk In Some States by Thomas Hargrove and Michael Collins

Voting Glitches Found In Six Recent Elections In Miami-Dade County, Florida


On the hot seat

Assigning blame

Error repeated

Office criticized

Standing On Principle Is Not 'Mal-Intent' by Dean Schooler

United Nations Cites Misconduct In Firing Elections Chief by Colum Lynch

Almost Heaven, West Virginia

Election fraud target of F.B.I. sting operation

Editorial: Federal prosecutions

The Dirty Little Secrets of Voting System Testing Labs by Avi Rubin

U.S. Bars Colorado Lab From Testing Electronic Voting Machines by Christopher Drew

Toe ethics line, vote machines' testers told by Katy Human

Election Officials in Arizona Refuse to Answer Senate Questions


How I spent my afternoon in the theater of the absurd by Michael Shelby

Round one 405

Round two 407

The main event 407

The more I know, the more I know I don't know. 408

FBI uncovers no evidence of tampering in 2004 election by Howard Fischer

Key Voting Machine Certification Document Altered In Colorado, Examiner Proven Incompetent, Judge Rules Against Secretary of State


Secretary of State responds

Voting machines missed mark by George Merritt

More about John Gardner's history

Boulder County can't count ballots with Hart voting machines

The response 419

Security added for voting machines in Colorado at last minute by Katy Human

Colorado vote-security goals called unachievable in 2006 by Katy Human

The John Gardner saga and corruption continues

Voting machine tester departs, leaving questions by Chris Bragg 423

'No pressure on me' 425

"Inefficient, inelegant and narrow" 426

"By the end of the week" 428

Gardner targeted for perjury 429

Montrose County, Colorado, County Clerk Violates Election Laws

Voting snafus lead to investigation of Montrose County elections


Chapter 5


Lies, Damn Lies, And Mail In Elections

Why Mail Ballots Are A Bad Idea by Charles E. Corry, Ph.D.


What are the problems with mail ballots?

Voter registration problems with mail ballots 439

Voter disenfranchisement with mail ballots 439

Ballot box stuffing is facilitated 441

Vote buying and selling 442

Facilitates manipulating the vote count 443

Problems using optical scanners to count mail ballots 448

Handicapped voters

Cost, voter turnout, and convenience

Costs 450

Voter turnout 451

Convenience 455

Voter Fraud Epidemic by Joseph Farah

Voting Fraud In South Dakota

Dead men voting: In Daschle's home state, fraud wanders off the reservation

South Dakota poll worker faces forgery charges

Oregon's Vote-By-Mail Fails To Fulfill Its Promise by Melody Rose

Oregon's Comedy of Errors by Thomas Hargrove

Uncharted Territory For Colorado With Mail Ballots

Colorado County Clerks Breaking Election Law On Signatures by Steven K. Paulson

Mail Balloting Invites Fraud, Intimidation by Jon Caldara

Mail ballot — Here's proof that method not secure

Report On The April 1, 2003, Mail In Election, Colorado Springs, Colorado by Charles E. Corry, Ph.D.

Problem summary



City of Colorado Springs mail in election April 1, 2003

Cost savings and who got ballots 478

Measuring voter turnout 479

Poll watchers 480

Ballot tracking 480

Not a secret ballot 481

Computer errors 482

Election records unavailable 482

Election fraud or incompetence? 482

Arithmetic errors abound 483

What has been done as of July 4, 2003 and what should be done?

What has been done: 484

What should be done: 484

Report On The April 7, 2009, Mail In Election, Colorado Springs, Colorado by Charles E. Corry, Ph.D.

Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) request

April 17, 2009 reply by city clerk 486

Supplemental requests on April 19th and May 2nd 486

May 1, 2009 reply by city clerk 487

Problems with the April 7, 2009, election

Eligible voters 487

How many voters were disenfranchised by the mail ballot election? 487

Turnout 488

Precinct numbers 488

History of increase in registered voters 489

Classically, these conditions are ideal for election fraud 489

Lost ballots 492

Where oh where did all the ballots go? 493

Stuffing the ballot box 493

Phantom voting 493

Secret ballot 493


University Of Florida Professor Sees Red Over Absentee Ballot by Amy Reinink

First complaint

No change expected

Public record

A wider fear

Candidates weigh in

Absentee Votes Worry Officials As November 2, 2004, Nears by Michael Moss

A matter for the states

Signatures and excuses

The ballot gatherers

Absentee Voting Practices Result In Felony Charges Against Orlando, Florida Mayor, Judge, Campaign Manager, And Others

'Ballot king' was paid by Orlando Mayor Dyer, other politicians to collect absentee ballots in Florida by Mark Schlueb

Orlando, Florida, mayor and judge indicted in absentee ballot case by Abby Goodnough

Appalachia, Virginia, Ex-Mayor Pleads Guilty To Fixing Election by Rex Bowman

Colorado, Denver, And Mail Ballots: One City's Experience

Sequence of known mistakes

Denver Election Commission loses voter records by Alan Gathright and Lou Kilzer

Colorado voter database under scrutiny after candidate's petition signatures cannot be verified

Absentee-ballot mistake found: answers transposed on Referendum F: clarification to be mailed out by George Merritt

Ballot postage problem revealed by George Merritt

Blunder by Secretary of State detours voting for RTD by Kevin Flynn

Mail ballots not the answer

Big bar code backfire by Ann Imse

Optical scanner breaks down 521

The vote's in the mail by Vincent Carroll

Denver's voter registration list in question by George Merritt

Denver election critique delivered by post office by George Merritt

Voters' list idles 100,000 by George Merritt

Absent Without Leave by John Fund


Chapter 6


Pitfalls Of Statewide Voter Registration Databases

Accenture — Epitome Of Incompetence

Accenture can't design or build voter registration databases


Colorado contracts with Accenture to help transform unemployment insurance delivery system 535

State faces new glitches on computers by Mark P. Couch 536

Colorado scraps Accenture voter registration system 538

Database debacle 539

Faulty system's fix-it deadline extended by Mark P. Couch 540

Denver Post — Letters to the editor 541

Colorado and Accenture will not sue each other over a multimillion-dollar jobless insurance system by Mark P. Couch 542

Full refund due from Accenture on late voter registration database by David Olinger 543

Accenture to face legislative scrutiny for failed projects by David Olinger 544

Colorado's choice of Accenture draws criticism by David Olinger 547

Bugs in Accenture's system for Colorado Department of Labor rile lawmakers by April M. Washington 549

State agency seeks salvage fund for Accenture orphan code by Mark P. Couch 550

Millions needed for new car title system after Accenture/Microsoft joint venture fails 551

State to cool its heels after computer meltdown 552


New voter rolls arouse more fears in Florida by Steve Bousquet 553

Elections officials gave Florida flawed felon voter list 555

Florida to cancel two multimillion-dollar technology contracts by Andrea Logue 556


Kansas to consolidate voter registration databases 556


Accenture and to build voter registration and election management system for Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 557

Legislative hearing on Accenture's SURE voter registration system 558


Another state cancels another Accenture contract 562


Statewide voter registration system (SVRS) 563

Controversy swirls around Wisconsin's voter list contract with Accenture 564

Accenture-ating the positive by Mike McCabe, 566

Voter database behind schedule in Wisconsin by Patrick Marley 568

Software bugs delay Accenture's voter registration system 569

Lawmaker pushes to drop contract for voter registration system 570

Delays plague Wisconsin list of voters by Patrick Marley 571

Wisconsin finally ends deal with voting vendor in December 2007 by Todd Richmond 573


Media release (the official propaganda) 574

Secretary of State Meyer: State wanted too much, voter registration system dies 576

United States Marine Corps

Accenture wins USMC logistics pact by John Moore 577

Marines tell Accenture to stop work by Judi Hasson and Frank Tiboni 577

Marines terminate Accenture contract by Frank Tiboni 578

United Kingdom

Accenture sinks in British quagmire by Shruti Daté Singh 579

Thousands Of Ineligible Voters Are Still Registered by Thomas Hargrove

Ex-Con Game: How Florida's 'Felon' Voter-Purge Was Itself Felonious by Greg Palast

Many Counties Have Highly Inaccurate Voter Lists by Thomas Hargrove

Polling workers say the problems are obvious

Vanishing Votes by Gregory Palast

How To Steal An Election by Jeff Jacoby

Election Day, RIP?

An Election Spoiled Rotten by Greg Palast

The urge to purge

Ethnic cleansing of the voter rolls

Absentee ballots go AWOL

A million votes in the electoral trash can

Phantom Voters by Terje Langeland


Registration drive

Moving around

On the roll for years

Voting from the grave

Cutting deadwood

Does size matter?

The Miami scandal


Potential for massive fraud 608

Communication Glitch Delays Early Voting At Some Broward County, Florida, Sites

Missouri Violates Federal Voter Registration Laws by Mark Morris and Tim Hoover

Colorado's Second Try At Voter Registration Database, SCORE II

Colorado Secretary of State Buescher: Voting rolls were merged, not purged


Chapter 7


Building Better Ballot Boxes

Bad Ideas For Voting Just Keep Coming by Charles E. Corry, Ph.D.

The way it was when voting worked

Bad idea #1 — Electronic voting machines

Speed and computer voting 621

So why should such secret and illegal methods of counting ballots be used? 622

Problems with optical scanners to count ballots 622

Electronic voting machines commonly invent or lose ballots 624

Direct recording electronic voting 625

Just say no to recounts 627

Unassisted voting for the handicapped 628

Adding up the cost of electronic vote counting 629

What else can go wrong? 630

How to hand count paper ballots 631

Bad idea #2 — Voting centers

Handicapped voters 633

Electronic poll books 633

Homegrown software 634

Precinct election reports. 634

Space and time requirements 634

Bad idea #3 — Increasing voter turnout

Registered voters 635

Motor voter 636

Same-day registration 637

Statewide voter registration 638

Bad idea #4 — Early, absentee, or mail balloting

Early voting 640

Absentee and mail in ballots 640

Is our house any different? 642

Why precinct voting stops fraud 642

Losing ballots by the thousands 643

Adding insult to injury 644

Bad idea #5 — Exit polls

Bad idea #6 — Make election day a holiday

Bad idea #7 —Conduct many elections

Bad idea #8 — Do away with secret ballots

Bad idea #9 — Avoiding detection of election fraud

Election canvass 648

Appoint committees of the unqualified 649

Sign non-disclosure agreements with your vendors 650

Use your own judges if it goes to court 650

Bad idea #10 —Internet voting


To Register Doubts, Press Here by Sam Lubell

A Better Ballot Box? by Rebecca Mercuri, Ph.D.

Trusting trust

Trust, but verify

Forward To the Past: Junk the Machines, Count Votes Manually by Stephen H. Unger


Forward to the past: Junk the machines, count votes manually

What's so hard about counting votes? 669

Keep it simple 670

Looking under the e-voting rock 671

Post-election fix 672

What to do?

About the author 673



Chapter 8


Voting Problems In The 2002 Elections

Technician's Error, Not Machines, To Blame In Miami-Dade County, Florida, Election Mix-Up by Oscar Corral


Shadow of doubt

The wrong winner

No red flags

Upcoming elections

Florida Elections — 2002

Wellington candidate sues, seeks new vote

Elections chief refuses to test vote machines

How to vote in one easy step — use chisel, tablet by Dave Barry

Elections are scarier than a terrorist threat by Lucy Morgan

Democrats are blaming Gov. Jeb Bush. 684

Broward County discovers glitch in election

Florida's Broward County finds 100,000 lost votes — results unchanged

Bay County Democrat wins hand recount by 139

Voting machines in 2002 primary criticized, report says Miami-Dade County misled by ES&S by Karl Ross

Trilingual ballot 688

Cost unknown 689

No upgrades 689

The Re-Election of Jim Crow: How Jeb Bush's Team is Trying to Steal Florida Again by Greg Palast

The black button

Coup d'état by computer

Various News Reports —2002

Arkansas Secretary of State pleads guilty to taking bribes in computer voting equipment case

Sequoia vice president indicted in elections kickback scheme in Louisiana

Touch screen voting machines lose unknown number of votes in Dallas

Conflict probe launched in California's voting machine buys

Absentee ballot requests seized in Marion County, Indiana — probe launched

Voting system integrity flaw

2002 Elections: Republican Voting Machines, Election Irregularities, and "Way-Off" Polling Results by Lynn Landes


Chapter 9


Voting Problems In The 2003 Elections

81,000 Voters Were Not Sent Ballots For Colorado Springs, Colorado, Election by Ed Sealover

Error Spurs Total Vote Recount In Boulder Colorado, by Marcos Mocine-McQueen

Garfield County, Colorado, Election Investigation Uncovers Many Miscalculations by Mike McKibbin

Various News Reports —2003

Robertson County, Texas, finds voter fraud and illegal voting with absentee ballots


Chapter 10


Voting Problems In The 2004 Elections

Electronic Voting A Mess In March 2004 California Primary

Electronic voting bug plagued San Diego County election by Michelle Morgante

Electronic voting component wasn't fully tested by Helen Gao

Lost electronic votes could flip Napa County race by Kim Zetter

North Carolina Takes The Lead In November 2004 Election Problems

Discrepancies found in numbers of Gaston County votes, voters

Gaston County, North Carolina, investigates election tally errors after 13,000 votes missing

Gaston County elections director resigns after 13,000 votes are missing

North Carolina's ballot blues by Joyce McCloy

Winston-Salem — We've got a problem 719

Our key decision-makers are ignoring the seriousness of the problem 719

Election problems in Craven County due to a software glitch

Fixing vote problems

More information surfaces on Carteret County problem

Election Problems In Florida — 2004

Gambling vote glitch mars tally in Broward County by Erika Bolstad and Curtis Morgan

Fingers pointed 726

Isolated problem? 726

Other results stand [or at least so we are told] 727

Critics speak up 727

Another black eye 728

Distrust fuels doubts on votes, Orange County's web site posted wrong totals by David Damron

Department of Law Enforcement investigating voting fraud in Duval and six other counties

Voter Fraud Probed In Colorado by Susan Greene and Karen E. Crummy

Vote Counts Don't Add Up In Alaska

Vote counting and securing democracy in Alaska by David Koester

Democrats defend public's right to see election data by Kay Brown

Powerful Government Accountability Office Report Confirms Key 2004 Election Problem Findings by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman

Election Study Finds Widespread Ballot-Counting Problems by Thomas Hargrove

Various News Reports — 2004

Chaos in Arkansas primary on ES&S machines

New Mexico: Did you erase your own vote? by Warren Stewart

Cuyahoga County, Ohio, election staff convicted in recount rig

Re-vote likely after electronic voting error in Alameda County, California

Down For The Count In Riverside County, California by Andrew Gumbel


The power of incumbency

Recount follies

The myth of proprietary software


Chapter 11


Voting Problems In The 2005 Elections

2005 — Various News Reports

Voting glitches in ES&S iVotronic machines found in six recent elections in Miami-Dade County, Florida

Ballot testing finds potential problem with folded ballots in Boulder County, Colorado

NAACP vote hearing details new flaws in Lucas County, Ohio

Larimer County, Colorado, voting centers not answer to all voting problems

Larimer vote still up in air 767

1,200 phantom votes haunt election in Pitkin County, Colorado by Allyn Harvey

Machine Errors Result In Hand Recounts In Ten Colorado Counties by Karen E. Crummy and Michael McCollum


Chapter 12


Voting Problems In The 2006 Elections

Stealth Elections

Return of the stealth election in Colorado by Bob Ewegen

Aurora election official charged in wake of canceled election by Javier Erik Olvera

Aurora election official could face fine, jail by Jeremy P. Meyer

Arkansas: Report On Primary Meltdown Rips ES&S by Warren Stewart


Daily Voting News For June 7, 2006 by John Gideon

Other problems

Various News Reports — 2006 Primary Elections

Voting machines stolen in Barbour County, Alabama

Centralized voting merits further study in San Mateo County, California

West Virginia purging voter rolls by Tom Searls

New-fangled voting by Ed Quillen

CNN's Lou Dobbs: Report exposes Cuyahoga County, Ohio, May primary e-voting debacle

Kitty Pilgrim reports 789

Wisconsin: Primary election plagued by computer problems by John Washburn

Winnebago County 790

Waukesha County 791

Milwaukee County 791

Election fraud alive and well in Santa Ana (Orange County) California

Election judges grapple with new voting machines by Katy Human

My Day At The Polls — Baltimore, Maryland Primary 2006 by Avi Rubin


About Me— Avi Rubin

Various News Reports — 2006 General Elections

Pennsylvania voter attacks voting machine

Fayette County, West Virginia, programming errors lead to all-night hand count of votes

Waldenburg, Arkansas, mayoral candidate voted for himself on ES&S iVotronic in Poinsett County but receives zero votes

Newfangled machines, old-fashioned voters lead to election night delays in Nacogdoches County, Texas

Electronic voting off to rocky start in Crawford County, Arkansas

Panel seeks recount on ballots 830

Wrong PIN number halts election and absentee ballots found in drawer after election in Delaware County, Indiana

Republican votes given to Democrat by ES&S programming error in Baldwin County, Alabama

Problems found on 24 voting machines in Essex County, New Jersey

Vote our way with DREs or take the highway in Monterey County, California

Monterey County, California, registrar Tony Anchundo pleads no contest to 43 criminal charges 837

Election error sparks resignation, recount in Williamson County, Texas

Usability flaw detected in Diebold software in Utah County, Utah

ES&S iVotronic's cast ballot for wrong candidate in Cleburne County, Arkansas

Balloting trying patience in Riverside County, California

Long lines, machines that didn't go online among unresolved issues 842

100,000 ballots uncounted in Riverside County 10 days after election 844

Hanging chads looking better all the time

Diebold taking blame for invalid election results in Fairfield County, Ohio by Sean Casey

Printers failed on ES&S DRE voting machines in three North Carolina counties by Mark Binker

Problems for a blind voter with DRE in Guilford County, North Carolina

22,000 in Jefferson County, Colorado, mistakenly told they didn't vote in November by Ann Schrader

In Ohio they know how you voted

Why Did So Much Go Wrong On Election Day In Athens County, Ohio? by Nick Claussen

What went wrong, and whose fault is it?

The problems with delays 856

At the polling places 857

Blame for the voting problems 858


Chapter 13


Voting Problems In The 2007 Elections

2007 — Various News Reports

Vote-counting machines hit glitch in Boulder, Colorado, mail ballot election

1,100 mail ballots forwarded in Douglas County, Colorado

Optical scanners miscount: Recount changes results for Greenwich, Connecticut, town meeting candidate

Preventing problems 863


Chapter 14


Voting Problems In The 2008 Elections

2008 — Various News Reports

E-voting train wreck: The Horry County, South Carolina Republican primary disaster

Colorado state elections director resigns amid Ethics Watch investigation

What can happen when transparency exists


Chapter 15


Election Web Sites And Problems

Election Issue Web Sites

Governmental Bodies Or Associations

Voting Equipment Manufacturers

Electronic Voting Equipment Problems Tabulated By State And County

Known problems with electronic voting equipment
























New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina




Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota






West Virginia


Summary of commonly-observed problems with electronic voting machines

General and problems with central tabulator 958

Direct recording election or touch screen machines 962

Optical scanners 963



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