EJF Newsletter —In defense of Faith and Reason lecture by Stephen Baskervile, Ph.D.

An open letter to the President and Provost of Patrick Henry College

September 29, 2013

I have worked collaboratively for over a decade with Dr. Stephen Baskerville, who now serves on your faculty, in attempting to preserve children, families, and marriage in our society. The summary he provides in his September 13, 2013, Faith and Reason lecture Politizing Potiphar's Wife: Today's New Ideology is an extraordinarily well-done statement and history of the devastation current ideologies are wreaking on the foundations of our society.

As a Buddhist I was also deeply impressed with Dr. Baskerville's defense of Christian mores and morals. Ah, if only more "Christians" lived up to those ideals! And I would think it essential for a Christian institution such as Patrick Henry College to support Dr. Baskerville's outstanding work in every way possible.

Over the past decade I have published and republished Dr. Baskerville's work on the Equal Justice Foundation's web sites as well as documented and provided examples of the issues he brings forth in his lecture. For example, in a recent study of veteran arrests we found less than 50% of the arrests for "domestic violence" did not involve any charge of violence. In 2005 I pointed out the use of the Violence Against Women Act as a "honey trap" and the impact on national security, which Dr. Baskerville brings up again in his lecture. In cooperation with Dr. Baskerville, and many other male and female authors, since 2001 the Equal Justice Foundation has been pointing out the disastrous impact of such policies as "no fault" divorce has had on families and marriage. At present I estimate that only about 1 child in 10 is born into a family where the biological parents are married and remain married until the children of their union reach age 18. I ask how the United States can survive as a Christian nation if that does not change, and soon? And change cannot, and will not occur without your support of work by Dr. Baskerville and his colleagues exposing the ideology driving this destruction!

As always happens, the proponents of the ideology Dr. Baskerville so ably exposes and discredits are outraged. In a 2007 article Dr. Murray Straus at the Family Research Institute of the Univ. of New Hampshire well illustrated the methods used by these ideologues to conceal and distort the evidence refuting their dogma. Method 7 proposed by Dr. Straus, where researchers who produce evidence that contradicts their ideology are harassed, threatened, and penalized, is particularly applicable to what Dr. Baskerville now faces. I myself have received death threats and been harassed numerous times by radical feminists. So I am quite sympathetic to his plight and ask again that you support him. The evidence for Dr. Baskerville's statements in his lecture is overwhelming and should you wish for additional documentation and examples supporting his work I would be happy to provide that.

A note about my own background is important in support of my recommendation. The NY Times supported About.com ranks me among the 200 most famous earth scientists in the history of the science. In getting that link I note that among autobiographies mine is listed first, although having a last name starting with C determined that. My biography has also been listed in Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in America, Who's Who in Science and Engineering, among others, consecutively for the past fifteen years. My resume and a list of most of my publications is available here.

And it is on the basis of that experience and my long association with Dr. Baskerville that I recommend him without reservation and wholeheartedly endorse his work.

Charles E. Corry, Ph.D., F.G.S.A.

President, Equal Justice Foundation



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